About Us


Black Girl Beauty School of Careers is a career vocational educational institute. We offer unique post-secondary opportunities to high school/GED graduates to further their education and become licensed or certified in the specific career of their choice. Our main goal is to prepare students for immediate job placement and entrepreneurial opportunities. We understand that the same model does not work for every student. As the world of trades, performing arts and entrepreneurship evolves, Black Girl Beauty School of Careers is evolving also.

Our students are very unique in skill and creativity. Our educational program learning modules offer learning experiences that meet the skill sets needed in your desired course of study. Each state has their own requirements. BGBSOC maximizes the full potential of our students as they strive to become professionals in their desired area of study. Our programs are designed with diversity and inclusion. We specialize in Black Hair Care, Black Arts and Building Entrepreneurs in Black Communities. Our model was designed to help students who are strong, self-motivated and fast paced learners who desire to learn and grow. We offer a holistic and timeless experience, with a high focus on kinesthetic learners. We reach students right where they’re at, regardless to their circumstances or learning styles. We use three flexible learning pathways that enables you to balance educational and professional aspirations with life’s commitments in the shortest possible time.

While all three pathways are different, they provide the same licensing/certification opportunities. All three pathways maximize the full potential of our students as they strive to become professionals in their desired area of study. All three pathways are amazing learning opportunities that are ideal for the new millennial generation of students. Our team of educators and staff are excited and passionate about educating men, women and all nationalities around the world. The learning modules are like no other. Having different learning pathways to choose from is an amazing thing!

We strive to take individuals out of the kitchen, bring them off the front porch and into one of our thriving career school atmospheres where they can turn hobbies and talent into real jobs and businesses, learn and grow, providing better opportunities for their families, personally and professionally as they learn cutting-edge skills that employers need and want. Black Girl Beauty School of Careers is here to help prepare students who are ready to think outside the box, build outstanding careers and be all that they can be in this amazing world! Regardless to what state or country you reside we are here to help!

We are Black Girl Beauty School of Careers; while we specialize in Black Hair Care, Black Arts and Building Entrepreneurs in Black Communities; we target, service, train and welcome all socioeconomic standing to our educational platforms.

The Apprenticeship Campus

This is Black Girl Beauty School’s Headquarters offers Online (theory) and on campus (practical).This campus is great for individuals that prefers the hands-on practical learning approach. At this campus we offer post-secondary education for those who hold a high-school diploma/GED. Our secondary education offers pilot programs to middle and high school students. This campus offers all three learning pathways. On-campus, Apprenticeship and Distance Learning.

The Apprenticeship Campus

Our apprenticeship school is distance learning/theory and on-the job/journeyman experience (practical) with a licensed professional mentor. This program is designed to target that group of people who have been forced to practice talent and trades from home and already have model clientele and want to learn, build and become productive professional citizens. This method is good for individuals who want to earn while they learn.

The Online Campus

Our 100% online campus is great for individuals who don’t have time to commit to attending on campus scheduled hours. Classes are available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home and you control your own schedule. This campus is great for students who are self-motivated and function well from a look & learn methodology. This alternative to traditional campus is an awesome opportunity for students who must continue on their jobs while learning short-term skill sets to further their future opportunities.